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Wound Healing

All New Wound-Be-Gone®


Wound-Be-Gone® is the only Over-the-Counter product Clinically Proven to accelerate healing, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and prevent scar formation with both ACUTE and CHRONIC wounds

Wound-Be-Gone® is a topical gel created to accelerate wound healing and reduce scarring. It offers a unique combination of wet healing with patented "oxygen free radical binding technology".

This technology was developed by team of scientists from the Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry at the Czech Academy of Science as a continuation of research initiated by professor Otto Wichterle - the inventor of contact lenses.

Wound-Be-Gone® does not contain any antibiotics, medication or other biological materials. Thanks to that, it has an exceptionally wide range of use (from small acute to large and complicated chronic wounds).

Wound-Be-Gone® does not have any side effects and there are no age restrictions. That makes it a perfect product for an entire family (small kids, pregnant woman, allergic’s and elderly).

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Chronic wounds

A chronic wound is one that does not heal in a conventional amount of time. Any wound that takes more than three months to heal is generally considered a chronic wound. They may take many months or years to heal, or they may never heal at all. More…

Acute wounds

Acute wounds are injuries that break the skin such as an abrasion or puncture. Unlike chronic wounds, acute wounds heal as expected when treated properly and can happen anywhere on the body. More…
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